Pollinators of the Okanagan - A RespectFest 2017 Event
6:00pm 6:00pm

Pollinators of the Okanagan - A RespectFest 2017 Event

Respecting our land an environment includes being knowledgeable about the creatures we share the land with and knowing how to protect them.  This talk will cover the importance of local pollinators, their habitat requirements, and how we can help preserve them and the services they provide.  Join us for an interactive discussion surrounding respecting the environment and the role we play. 

The North Okanagan RespectFEST is funded in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet est financé en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.   

Thursday Sept. 21 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm at the Heritage Hall, 2704 Highway 6, Vernon, B.C.

This event is free of charge, however tickets are required.  For more information on ticketing please see:  https://respectfest2017.com/event/pollinators-of-the-okanagan/

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