Holiday Camps 2017/2018

Join us this winter break for our holiday camps.  With four different science themed days you will have a scientific break!

Camp drop off is between 8:30-9:00 am.  Pick up is at 3:00 pm.

Cost per day is $40 +GST for members; $50 +GST for non-members.

Cost per week (4 days) is $120 +GST for members: $140 +GST for non-members.

Jan 2:  Rolling Science (Grades 1-6)

Come roll along with us!  Explore friction, momentum, and the science of things that roll.

Jan 3: Science Around the World (Grades 1-6)

Where did your favourite science originate?  Join us as we explore scientific discoveries from around the world.

Jan 4: Electrifying Electricity (Grades 1-6)

Whether it is static or moving currents, our electricity camp is sure to electrify your day!

Jan 5: Makers and Breakers (Grades 1-6)

Are you a maker or a breaker?  Come be both as we explore both construction and destruction!