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Planetarium Shows at the OSC
Join OSC staff for an exploration of the stars in OSC's own planetarium. Follow the stairway to the stars to the Space for Space gallery and see the secrets of the universe revealed in our new interactive displays.
Upcoming dates and times to be announced.
Visit the News & Events page for the details.

Air Quality Monitoring Station
Air quality is on the minds of most Okanagan residents as we come to grips with the increasing pressures a growing population brings to bear on our fragile valley. OSC is home to the Provincial Air Monitoring Station. This installation monitors the air we breathe 24 hours a day. Data is generated which will bring science into policy impacting our air.

Take the opportunity to see science in action! The Air Monitoring Station is set-up for public viewing. Written materials provide background information or you can also check our section. In addition, you can view the data online.

Past Traveling Exhibits:
   Living in Space
     (Jan to May 2012)

   100 Years -
     A Countdown to Life
     (Mar - Oct 2009)

   Conquest of Space Images
     (Feb to May 2009)

   Bio Techno Style
     (Feb to April 2009)

   Canada's Stellar Space
     (Dec 2008 - Mar 2009)

   Food for Health
     (Apr. to Nov. 2008)

   Dinosaurs Unearthed
     (Apr. to Nov. 2007)

   Bugs and Beyond
     (May - Aug. 2006)

   Climate Change
     (Nov. 2004 - Jan. 2005)

   Crystals to Gems
     (Feb. - Dec. 2005)

   Sitting Pretty:
     History of the Toilet
     (Feb. to Apr. 2004)

   Destination Moon
     (July to Oct. 2003)

   Sky Hunters
     (Oct. 2003 to Jan. 2004)

   Electricity in Action
     (May to July 2003)

   Chemistry is Electric!
     (May to July 2003)